NSOPgiving 2010

I’m sure my family will read this post and wonder what on earth is NSOPgiving, and if it is anything like thanks giving, why is this in September?  Well, NSOP is my photo forum that I run, and we have a yearly meet in the fall we call NSOPgiving that’s like a fun backyard party with thanksgiving food w/ friends.  We usually do it in early November, but one of our Australian members is doing a US vacation/tour so we decided to bump the timing so that we could have the  party while Dave was in town.  A few other members also flew in from around the country and one even dragged his lights with him so we have plenty of evidence of the fun that was had!  Enjoy!  For my family, there will be a normal family post coming later tonight.


  1. Ysabel
    Posted 21 Sep ’10 at 1:14 pm | #

    Hi ben, you have a beuttiful family.

    • Posted 21 Sep ’10 at 1:24 pm | #

      Thank You!

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